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Tillquist transducers are well known all over the world. Our company has been producing measuring transducers since 1965 and have gathered a great deal of experience in the electrical measuring techniques field.

Tillquist transducers cover all electrical quantities measurements: Current, Voltage, Frequency, Resistance and Tap changers, Phase Angle and Power Factor, Active and Reactive Power as well as Energy through pulses.

Tillquist flexibility has helped the company to answer specific requirements of end clients where special products were sometimes manufactured on demand.

Our reputation was gained because of the below features:

  • High accuracy: class 0.2
  • Durability: more than 10 years
  • Stability: high immunity against EMC disturbances
  • AC and DC measuring
  • Wide range of Auxiliary Supply
  • Low consumption (<0.05 VA / phase)
  • Din Rail and Rack types
  • Follow European standards (SS-EN 60688 Transducers, SS-EN 61010-1 Safety, EN 61000-6-2 / -6-4 / -6-5)
  • Ultra-fast response (<10msec LQT60 fast)
  • Analogue and programmable types (LT10 and LQT60)
  • Single and multiple outputs: up to 8 outputs (5 analogue, 2 digital and 1 communication port LQT60)

You can find detailed information about each of our products below.


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